Our offices

Our offices can be found in the most beautiful and attractive cities in the United States. We’d be thrilled to meet you there, or in any different place of your choosing.


Chicago Office

1626 West Drive, Chicago, IL, 60605
P: 165-146-1562 
E: boston.office@orchard.com


New York City Office

44 Winter Street, New York City, NY 729374
P: 165-146-1562  
E: boston.office@orchard.com


Boston Office

MA 123532 243th Alley Boston PHL
P: 165-146-1562  
E: boston.office@orchard.com


Los Angeles Office

10000 3366 Prospect Valley Road, Los Angeles, CA, 90017 Oklahoma OK
P: 165-146-1562   
E: boston.office@orchard.com

Success stories

Your satisfaction is the best testimony for our work. Doing what we love, we leave no place for disappointment nor discontent. 


Mastering the basis of real estate matters may be the best way to feel more confident during your journey. Explore our blog posts to discover some interesting news.
Between micro-apartments, tiny homes, and even #vanlife, the real estate industry is taking the saying “less is more” to previously unknown levels. And while we can all get behind the idea of streamlining your life and shedding possessions that no longer meet…
Moving is stressful all on its own, but when you add in the complications that kids or pets (or both) can bring to the mix, it can feel downright impossible. Depending on the age of your children and whether your fur baby is a cat or a dog, some moves can be easier than…

What makes us special?

So, what's the difference between us and most realtors?

We bring a little different perspective to the table. Our approach is totally client focused and we seek to serve the needs of the client first...always. If we don't believe a transaction is in your best interest, we will ask you to walk away...even if it means lost commissions for us. We believe in ensuring credibility and integrity for us and all parties in the transaction.


Meet our team

Suzanne Storer, broker associate

Robert Haynes, managing broker

Jen Ponsford, broker associate


Tell us what’s on your mind

You can call/text/email us directly:

Suzanne Storer 317-714-7706 email

Robert Haynes  317-250-7213 email

Jen Ponsford      317-753-6109 email

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