This has been a crazy week.  I've been trying to find some homes for buyers in Hamilton County in the $300-700k range.  You'd think that they'd be plenty and with lots of sellers ready to deal.


Buyers in this price range drop off precipitously.  It is interesting but Hamilton County real estate is in much better shape than most parts of the country.  In working with my buyers, we had several instances where I went to set up showings.  They were declined because they just went under contract.  Hmm...the search goes on.

We looked at one bank owned property in the mid-$500k's.  While we were there, we saw no less than SIX other parties scounting out this property.  Good deal?  Probably.  I'm sure it will go Highest/Best shortly.

The bottom line is that this is encouraging to sellers!  Where you may have been starving for showings (and more importantly offers), that may begin to change.  If the $300+ market is starting to move, there's hope for the rest of us. :)

Search $300-500k homes on our website.  You'll not be disappointed.