From the Nation’s Capital

Every month we highlight a few of the many My REALTOR® Party success stories across the nation. These and others are cataloged on the Success Stories section of the REALTOR® Action Center.  

  The REALTOR® Party Wins Five-Year Extension on Flood Insurance
A multi-year REALTOR® Party campaign to extend the nation’s flood insurance program resulted in success this month.  The National Flood Insurance Program was reauthorized for five years.  Congress had been extending the program a few months at a time since 2008.  Twice this led to shut downs, including one that stalled more than 40,000 home sales in June 2010 alone.  Enactment of this five-year reauthorization will bring certainty to real estate transactions in more than 21,000 communities nationwide where flood insurance is required for a mortgage.  This achieves one of NAR’s top priorities for the year, and means taxpayers will spend less on federal assistance for flood disasters over the long run. 

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From Your Back Yard

Every month we highlight a few of the many My REALTOR® Party success stories across the nation.  These and others are cataloged on the Success Stories section of the REALTOR® Action Center

 Kansas REALTORS® Save Mortgage Interest Deduction for State’s Itemizers
In a heated and hard-fought legislative session rivaling any political intrigue that happens in Washington, the citizens of Kansas retained their ability to claim the mortgage interest deduction on their state tax returns. The 7,500-member Kansas Association of REALTORS® combined NAR’s Issues Mobilization services, along with their own funds and grassroots support to fight a proposal that would have wiped away all itemized deductions, and they won – by two votes.

Grey Arrow Read about the Kansas Association’s success in saving the mortgage interest deduction (139K PDF)

 Columbus (OH) Board’s Campaign Wins Respect of City Council, But Not Enough Votes to Elect REALTOR® Champion
Sometimes winning isn’t everything.  Last fall’s election presented an opportunity to add a REALTOR® -friendly member to the Columbus City Council. NAR funded polling, mailers, robo-calls, and online advertising. While the REALTOR® Champion won the election-day votes, an unforeseen wave of absentee ballots carried the incumbent back to office. Columbus REALTORS® may have lost the race, but the City Council now has a good relationship with them because of the positive campaign they ran

Grey Arrow Read more about the Columbus Board’s Positive Campaign (137K PDF)

 Marin Association’s Housing Turnover Index Proves Worthy of NAR Game Changer Grant
Four years ago, the Marin Association of REALTORS® initiated a lobbying campaign to better alternatives to onerous point-of-sale retrofit mandates. They launched a computer program showing it takes as much as 70 years for local housing stock to switch ownership -- highlighting a need for speedier, more effective ways to address sewer lateral and other environmental-related issues. The index is proving useful in lobbying for such solutions around the state. Now that the 1,400-member association has won a $7,000 Game Changer Grant, they are taking the index to the next level by developing to a mobile application for smart phones and tablets.

Grey Arrow Learn more about the Marin Association’s Housing Turnover Index (92K PDF)

 Hilton Head (SC) REALTORS® Partner With Mayor for Balanced Land Management
In the lovely resort town of Hilton Head, the built environment is subject to strict regulations. But its low-key commercial areas were in need of polishing. The 850-member Hilton Head Area Association of REALTORS® worked with the town’s mayor and a $5,000 Smart Growth Grant from NAR to rewrite an outdated Land Management Ordinance. The result is a balance between development and preservation that is benefitting the quality of life for all residents and tourists to the town.

Grey Arrow Read more about the Hilton Head REALTORS®’ work with NAR’s Smart Growth Grant (212K PDF)


We regret that we had a couple of bad links in the June newsletter.  Below are correct links to the full stories on the Ada County (ID)Association’s inspiring employer-assisted housing projects and the Nashville Association’s successful RPAC fundraising event.

 Ada County REALTORS® Bring Housing Opportunities to Life in Idaho

Grey Arrow Read about the Ada County REALTORS® Success in Creating Housing Opportunities (119K PDF)

 Nashville Young Professionals Raise Serious RPAC Funds at Governor’s Mansion Event

Grey Arrow Read about the Nashville YPN Event at the Governor’s Mansion (694K PDF)

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July 12, 2012

Dale Stinton,

Tom Salomone,

Those words from Maya Angelou – “If you don’t like something, change it…” reflect what REALTOR® Associations around the country are doing in their advocacy and community outreach efforts. We couldn’t be prouder to stand by you and applaud.

From campaigns like the one in Kansas to save the mortgage interest deduction, to Hilton Head’s (SC) land management campaign, to Marin’s (CA) Housing Turnover Index; to the Columbus (OH) city council race, REALTORS® are making a positive difference where they live and work. 

NAR’s REALTOR® Party Resources can help your association be successful in your advocacy and community programs.  Check out the new REALTOR Party Association Resource Guide for ideas.

Thank you for all you do.

Dale Stinton and Tom Salomone

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