With inventories at 13-year lows, real estate professionals are getting creative in trying to convince home owners to sell.

“There’s such little inventory that my joke is it’s like the last shrimp at the buffet at a cocktail party and everyone’s jumping on it to try and get to it,” Boston-area real estate pro Ken Snyder told American Public Media.

Snyder has been posting stories on his social networks about how he’s getting six or seven offers on properties from the high buyer demand, but then adds “Sellers, hello? Where are you?!” His messaging is working. Owners who had been renting a loft saw his Facebook post and decided to sell after all.

To try to get more listings, some real estate professionals are also holding first-time home-seller seminars. And real estate professional Gary Rogers says he’s been writing personal letters to sellers.

But real estate professionals say that many owners fear selling because they’re scared that once their home is sold they won’t then have any place to move to due to the low inventories.

Source: “Realtors Ask: ‘What can I do to get you OUT of that House?” American Public Media (March 20, 2013)