This brief tutorial will help explain how to e-sign a document.

E-signatures from Digital Ink are incredibly efficient and legally binding.  I have use these hundreds of times.  This works especially well then the client may be some distance away, travelling or just has a full schedule.  These take just minutes to execute.  I use them for almost everything!

Here's the concept:  I intiate a document with all the elements that we have agreed upon.  I will put all required parties on this that I represent.  The document is emailed to the first party for e-signatures.  Once completed, it goes round robin to the next party until completed.  Once done, it comes back to me and I process the document just as though it was physically signed.

I use these for purchase agreements, counter offers,disclosures, listings and virtually anything than I can scan and import.  It's very cool.

Here's the process:

1.  You will get a email that looks something like this.

2.  Click the link to access the document and click "Start"

3. Read and click the "accept" button, then click "next"

 4.  Select a PIN and then retype.  It is CaSe sensItIve, must have 6 characters of at least 1 alpha and one numberic character.  You can also select the signature style (although it isn't necessary).  Then click "On to view/sign"

5.  It will tell you how many documents to sign and what action is required (for example, sign once, sign twice, initial once, etc.)  Click next.

6.  First first document will appear.  You can print and/or download these prior to signing. 

Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll down the page

Use the page navigator at the top to get to each page. 

<< means first page

< means previous page

1 2 3 4... means specific page numbers

> means next page

>> means last page


 7.  Continue to click through the pages until a signature or initial is required. If it is a purchase agreement or listing agreement, the signature is on the last page.  Click on "click here to sign".  Once all signing is done, go to top of page and click "commit signatures".  If there are more signatures required, you can click "next signature".  Also click "yes" on the confirmation box.

8.  If you have more documents to sign, the next document will appear.  Just click "next" and repeat the process.

 9.  Repeat the process until all documents are signed.  You screen will show all documents complete.  You may review these and or print them.  You will also get a confirmation email that you are done.

IF there are more parties to sign, it will AUTOMATICALLY forward to the next party.  Once complete, the entire document set will be sent back to me.


If you have any questions, call me.


Robert Haynes