How our team works with buyers:

Our first goal is to win your confidence and trust...not to sell you something.  We do this by sharing our insight into real estate, expertise in construction and showing you how we put the client first.   Our first conversation is about goals:  let's find out what you want to accomplish and during what time frame. 

We often will set up a "gateway" for a client.   Click here to see an example.  This allows you to "shop in your jammies".  :)  You can see all the features, room sizes, pictures, maps, school districts, square footage, etc.  You can also make annotations and categorize each home (favorite, possibility, reject, etc.).  Once you're ready to see some homes you like, you simply email us and we set up showings for you.  We've shown up to 16 homes in one day but generally 6-8 is a good number.

Financing is a major step in buying your home.  We work with several lenders.  We will ask you to get qualified early in the process.  There is little to be gained by getting your hopes up about buying a home if you can't get financing.  This is a critical step in the process. A prequalification letter can be done in a day or two.  It is wise to have this early.  Some sellers require that you have the letter prior to submitting an offer.

Our team will work hard to find the right home at the right price.  We won't hesitate to suggest you walk away if we believe it is not in your best interest.  We're after lifelong customers and referrals...not the short term, quick sale.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a starter home or a corporate transfer looking for a $850,000 home, we always deliver the same class of service:  Client First.

We look forward to working with you.


Robert Haynes